About BijaBody

BijaBody’s mission is to change the conversation about beauty. We believe in the power of women working together to help build a world that future generations can proud of; a world where people are celebrated for their unique beauty, authenticity and courage in pursuing their passions, whatever they may be.

 To do that, BijaBody creates health + beauty systems that help our customers feel good from the inside out and the outside in. We focus just as intently on the social/environmental impacts as we do effectiveness. And we use real women doing real things in all our ads. We never use models or altered photos. Who needs to? Real women are more than enough.
bija launch party
WE BELIEVE: The old rules have expired. In the art of the possible. In taking care of ourselves and one another. In men who lift us up. In ladies’ night. In having each other’s backs. That a smile is our sexiest curve. That the world needs way more women at the top. In sparkles. And Gor-tex. That beauty is an inside game. That we’re better than boundaries. In going off trail. In you. 

WE ARE: A group of multi-generational women in Montana drawn together by a love of our community, adventure, doing right by the world and an esthetician who set out to create the best body care products the beauty industry had ever seen and wanted to do it alongside other women who saw the same potential in the world and each other.

WE CREATE: Our products are created to be worthy of your skin, your life and the world around us. Our formulas are created by an esthetician in partnership with global experts. Dedicated to creating extraordinary concentrations of active ingredients that effectively support your daily adventures. Our bottom line is you. If you’re feeling good, we’re doing it right.

"When you set out to see the world, the world sets itself out for you.

Our skin tells the story of a life well-lived. We want that story to include the effort we make to take care of ourselves, and the connection to beauty rituals shared amongst women everywhere."

xo, Melissa Picoli esthetician/founder
  • Ingredients must be as natural as possible, and sophisticated. We want the best that modern, responsible, natural chemistry can produce.
  • All lab-created ingredients will be non-toxic, biodegradable and serve a very distinct purpose that cannot be achieved with a natural ingredient alone. An example of this is using curcumin instead of turmeric, because it is the active extract, and must go through a laboratory extraction, and have an emulsifier. We use minute concentrations of Butylene Glycol (not to be mistaken with propylene glycol) to emulsify Turmeric extract.
  • Concentrations of active ingredients will meet or exceed current data for efficacy. No ingredient shall be included just for claim's sake.
  • No citrus oil.
  • All oils must be cold-pressed to preserve abundant goodness, and essential oils must be steam-distilled.
  • Honey will be from properly managed apiaries in USA to protect our precious bees.
  • Ingredients must be from fairly-traded sources whenever possible, and with increasing regularity, and must be harvested in manners which protect sources.
  • No GMOs.
  • No Palm Oil or Derivatives.
  • Ingredients should be organic when possible, or from sources which have been investigated to be responsible.
  • Fragrance: BijaBody does not support the use of ingredients which are threatened or where the harvesting of the plant endangers biodiversity or causes environmental issues. We adhere to IFRA standards, a self-governing organization that sets safety standards for all natural and non-natural aroma compounds. Our fragrances are free of phthalates, and are comprised primarily of botanical oils and bio-identical isolates
  • Our guiding principle: BijBody will ultimately source as many ingredients as possible from women run, women owned agricultural cooperatives in impoverished regions of the world. Until more of these sources exist, we will continue to ask, plead and beg for them. In the meantime, we will continue our search for farmer-focused ingredient sources (which has proven to be a pain in the rear end!) We use a minimum of 1% fairly traded ingredients, and will increase exponentially as our buying power increases. 1% of proceeds will go towards building up resources through RootedinBeauty.
  • Our bottom line is what we ultimately create, support, protect and enhance.

When BijaBody launched its body care products in late 2011, we also launched our vision for aligning beauty rituals to women’s economic opportunities throughout the world. At the time, we thought that because something makes complete sense to us, it would happen easily. We did not know, due to sheer naivete, how very, very complex creating an international organization would be.

BijaBody continues to work diligently towards our plan of creating a collective of like-minded health + beauty companies with the common goal of supporting women throughout the world.

The Vision: RootedinBeauty (RiB) connects women in impoverished regions of the world to the opportunities present within beauty industry’s ingredient needs. Partner Companies commit 1% of revenues towards creating women owned agricultural cooperatives focused on ingredients we use within the beauty industry, and in turn commit to buying 1% of particular ingredient needs from RiB sponsored cooperatives. This creates a healthy, sustainable livelihood for families who need it most, and provides us with trustworthy sources of raw ingredients.

The Present: BijaBody, in partnership with Baker Botts l.l.p., has been working through the many, many details for a project of this scope for several years. As we get closer to finalizing the gritty nuts and bolts, BijaBody will partner with 5 other founding member companies, other beauty companies with a shared vision of creating something in and for the world.

Every purchase of BijaBody puts us closer to our goals of getting an ag project in the ground, and a sustainable livelihood in place.

Big visions start small. We have a very, very big vision.